Here’s more about the 2016 Insight Expo


So, you want to know what this year’s Insight Expo is bringing to you?

The purpose of our events are to bring our Houston visually impaired community together for several workshops and presentations that are of interest to all of us. But, we figure that if we’re going to be together, we might as well try to bring in exhibitors you want to see who regularly serve the visually impaired. And, we all enjoy winning things, so how about some door prizes just for fun.

Did you see that part in the previous paragraph that said something about bringing us all together”? That’s what HAVIN is all about, bringing unity to our community.

As shared previously, this year’s theme is “Advocacy In Action,” and each of our presentations has a focus on this life-empowering skill.

Keynote Speaker:  Diego Demaya (Southwest ADA Center)

Workshop 1 – Advocacy in the Community
Deborah Nowinski – Emergency Preparedness
Sheryl Sokoloski – Region IV Education Service Center.

Workshop 2 – Advocacy in the Workplace
Sara Freeman Smith – UR GEMS Group
Diego Demaya – TIRR Memorial Hermann

Workshop 3 –  Advocacy in Government
Will Burley – Disability Rights Texas

But,that’s just the presentations we have planned. As in our previous Insight Expos, we will again have many exhibitors who serve our visually impaired community rocking the exhibit hall. These include assistive technology vendors, Christal Vision, Freedom Scientific, HIMS Inc., as well as the DARS Division for Blind Services, the Houston Lighthouse for the Blind, Sight Into Sound Radio, the University of Houston Center for Sight Enhancement, the Cyzik Eye Center, and many others.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget door prizes! We will have plenty of door prizes throughout the day!


There is still time to get pre-registered, so don’t delay…get ‘er done!