Thanks for coming to HAVIN Insight Expo 2017

Thank you to all who came out to yesterday’s HAVIN Insight Expo 2017, Pathways Toward Independence. There were abundant opportunities to grow, learn, and gather resources, not to mention lots of opportunities to meet some new friends and see some you haven’t seen in a while. Or, maybe you were one of those whose highlight was  hugging one of the many cute puppies that were there.


If you were there, you were probably, like most of us, moved by the personal account shared by our keynote speaker, Sandhya Rao. Even those of us who already know Sandhya found ourselves sitting on the edge of our seats, listening to everything she had to share about discovering her personal independence. The variety of people present throughout the event reflected well who makes up our community; it was a melting pot of ages, cultures, and ethnicities. Our youngest attendee was only 13, while our most senior attendee was 93. Wow! Talk about bringing unity to our community!


We at HAVIN are motivated to bring together a variety of speakers and exhibitors to best serve our community. While we don’t have a date set for it yet, it will be next year before the Insight Expo returns. However, know that our HAVIN board will be steadily looking for a way to bring together the most beneficial and interesting program long before that date gets here. There are many long hours spent planning our events months before they happen.


Until then, we will be out and about the Houston area, working with our individual groups, but also being involved to represent HAVIN at various events within our community. We hope to see you at one of those events.